What is the HILL concept?

The HILL concept has been developed to bring the student a real face-to-face feeling in learning process even without being present in person. The student is able to follow the lectures from anywhere and interact with the lecturer or participants using internet connection. Each participant can also easily share his/her desktop with others through a web browser and make a presentation or show a calculation when needed. Everyone sees the same thing while you talk.

Web conferencing lets you follow contact lessons and seminars anywhere where you have internet connection: at home using your laptop or at work e.g. in the negotiation room. If you can’t attend the seminar, no problem: The HILL concept allows recording the lectures to be used later over the web 24/7 for a certain period of time. The HILL concept also facilitates international collaboration enabling easy-to-organize joint lectures with the international partner universities without need to travel.

What do you need? A computer with an internet connection, an audio connection and a webcam (optional).

This technology has been developed in collaboration with IBM, Cisco and IT-specialists of Satakunta University of Applied Sciences.



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